Friday Night Lights

The Return of Friday Night Lights!


That’s right soccer fans, families and players, back by huge demand in a new location (Waitsfield Elementary School), the most popular winter soccer event in the Valley!  Come join your teammates, make new friends or bring along old ones – but space is extremely limited, register now as we can only accept 20 kids per session (a waiting list is also being compiled, but don’t wait!).


Friday Night Lights is a revolutionary new way for your son or daughter to enjoy soccer!  No more coaches yelling, parents coaching from the sidelines, being asked to “take a break”, or listening to a whistle blow every 30 seconds.  Instead, sign your child up to “just play”; a lost art-form in our over-processed, over-planned, over-coached (and often heavily paid for) sports world.  Friday Night Lights discards the traditional routes of player development and instead gives soccer back to the kids – in the tradition of every soccer playing city and nation world-wide, kids are given the chance to “just play”.  There are no true “teams” nor is there any measurable coaching (or refereeing for that matter); just a collection of kids, a bunch of balls and some goals.

Every Friday, as the kids are showing up, a coach will be teaching a single skill (ONE skill, not a collection and not complicated).  That time period will serve as both a small chance for structured learning but also as a warm-up and as a time for kids to “Straggle in” and not feel out of place.  When everyone has arrived (after approximately 15 minutes) Friday Night Lights staff will create roughly equal teams and just play soccer! There will be an adult staff person between fields to keep any potential conflicts from escalating, but in all likelihood will do nothing more than “feed balls” to kids that just want to play.

Join us, see what it looks like to have the expectations stripped away, coaches removed, and kids allowed to be kids.  As that is happening, prepare to be surprised by just how creative kids can be; watch the “rules” change as they create their own environment to play.  The only hard-and-fast rule will be that the general laws of soccer apply (i.e. no handling the ball) but beyond that, they can create their own soccer matches.

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